After a few tries, I got this BlogEngine.NET system working under my current hosting provider, 1and1. It was not an easy thing to do; for some reasons they only allow default.asp as starting page and ASP.NET starts with Default.aspx. The solution, redirection. I created a default.asp file and put this code in it:

host = Request.ServerVariables("HTTP_HOST")
if host = "janierdavila.com" or host = "www.janierdavila.com" then
end if

This way I redirect every request made to my domain to my ASP.NET blog. That was not all of it, however. 1and1 kinds of hide a way to "proclame" your application as an ASP.NET one. We are so used to easily accomplish this on IIS...with 1and1 you have to click on webfile and then under file menu select Application Settings.
Despite the fact of the trick I had to do, I had a pretty good overall installation process. The remaining steps were to customize it to my needs, work that I enjoyed very much. Let me know if you like my banner, I have never been such a good designer :(.

And there you have it, my first post!
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