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Ode to Netbeans 6.5

It has become difficult for me to find time and blog something. Time is still precious and I have not learned how to manage it. Oh well... Anyways, I wanted to quickly rant a bit on my excitment on one of the tools I use almost everyday for my PHP side projects. Two or three weeks ago one of my favorite IDEs reached an important update which incorporated (final) support for PHP language. Although I had…

Welcome to my blog

Welcome! After a few tries, I got this BlogEngine.NET system working under my current hosting provider, 1and1 []. It was not an easy thing to do; for some reasons they only allow default.asp as starting page and ASP.NET starts with Default.aspx. The solution, redirection. I created a default.asp file and put this code in it: <%EnableSessionState=False host = Request.ServerVariables("HTTP_HOST") if host = "" or host…